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Short Brief :गुरुग्राम कर्फूय पास किराना / दूध / केमिस्ट शॉप पंजीकरण – COVID-19 Carnivorous Lock Down – Gurugram Curfew e-Pass Registration 2020 for Kiryana/Milk/Chemist Shop – Gurugram, Haryana to digitise curfew passes with QR code , Curfew Passes Online Registration, Application Form, Eligibility and Check Online Application Status at Official Website http://www.ggncurfewspass.in/.

Gurugram Curfew e-Pass Online Registration

In the form, applicants have to fill their contact and identification details, purpose of work and duration for which the pass is needed. Subsequently, the highly under-staffed team for this task examines the application based on the magnitude of the emergency.

We have received a huge number of applications for curfew passes, most of which have been sent for needless reasons so people can just venture out. People aren’t realising that the lockdown has been enforced to minimise human interaction and harm. Regardless, we are scrutinising every application thoroughly before coming to a decision. However, the unimportant applications are only delaying the work,” said Dhakha.

Zila parishad officials gave an example of a rejected application where a person had sought a curfew pass so that he could travel till Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh as “he was getting bored staying at home.”

Process to Apply a curfew pass application:

1. Applicant has to log on to www.ggncurfewspass.in, choose the type of pass needed (government or private) fill the form by listing their contact and identification details, purpose of work, and duration for which the pass is needed and submit it.

2. The form is then added to the list of pending curfew passes applications.

3. The application is personally reviewed by Zila Parishad officials.

4. If accepted or denied an email would be sent to the applicant’s address informing them about the same.

5. The accepted applicant would get a digital pass, which they can then download.

6. If stopped by a police official, you can show them the pass and they will scan its QR code and let you proceed.

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