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Janmashtami Dahi Handi Drawing

The Dahi-Handi festival is mainly celebrated on the next day of Krishna Janmashtami. This time Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated on August 11-12, for this reason the Dahi-Handi festival is being celebrated on 12 August on Wednesday. Lord Krishna was born on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, so Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on this date every year. At the same time, Lord Krishna’s childhood was spent with Nand ji and mother Yashoda in Gokul, so the Dahi-Handi festival is organized every year in memory of his child pastimes.

The process of celebrating Dahi Handi is quite interesting. This festival is organized on the second day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami. On this day, curd, butter, sweets, fruits etc. are hung on a very high place in the clay hand. After this, a team of different youth participates to break it. All these parties try to break it one after the other. To break the Dahi Handi, people of different parties climb each other’s back and build pyramids. Only one person climbs at the top of this pyramid and breaks the hand and makes the festival successful. Hand breaking teams are awarded with many gifts.

Dahi Handi Drawing Easy

Dahi-Handi is an Indian festival. It is celebrated every August in the month. Some people gather mostly young men to make a human pyramid, after which a curd hand filled with curd hangs over it. The participants of this festival are called Govinda.

Dahi Handi Drawing Images

Dahi-Handi is the most famous in Maharashtra, India. It is a part of Krishna Janmashtami. Participants usually form a pyramid below 9 levels and are given 3 chances to break the handi. The prizes are awarded to the participants.

Dahi Handi Drawing Simple

The Dahi-Handi festival is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra and Gujarat but it is also organized in some other parts of the country. On this day, in the happiness of Lord Krishna being born on the earth, curds and handicaps filled with curd and butter are hung at the crossroads.

Children and youth join in the festival by becoming Govinda. Different teams of Govinda try to break these pieces, who is successful in this, they are also given prizes etc.

Dahi Handi Drawing Pictures

Dahi Handi festival is celebrated all over India with great pomp and show. At this time, various places across India are religiously decorated. This festival is also organized by ISKON institution in different parts of the country.

Krishna Dahi Handi Drawing

Many times people trying to break the Dahi Handi get injured in the groups. According to doctors, people may also suffer injuries if they die. In the year 2012, about 225 Govinda got injured.

Janmashtami Dahi Handi Drawing

Under the Dahi-Handi competition, a group of boys form a pyramid, in which a boy climbs up and breaks the Handi, which contains curd, at a height. These boys participate in this game by becoming Govinda. During this time there is a lot of song and music and the surrounding people throw a lot of water on the pyramid boys, so it is not easy to reach Dahi-Handi. The boy who breaks the hand is called victorious.

How to Make Dahi Handi Drawing?

How to Draw Dahi Handi Drawing?

Dahi Handi Drawing Step by Step

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